I have had an unfinished cardigan sitting in my stash just waiting to be worn. It's all knitted, seamed, and all of the ends have been woven in, save for one thing: this cardigan needs a zipper. It should be known that I hate to sew. It resembles hard labor more than recreational enjoyment. Sewing requires precision and discipline, which does not come naturally to this scatterbrained knitter. I am determined to finish this sweater, even if it means taking it to the dry cleaners and crossing my fingers that they don't mangle it. However, the handcrafter in me is almost equally determined to install the darned zipper myself. Knowing that my sewing skills are weak, I've taken some time to read some of the various tutorials to see which technique might work best for me and I went ahead and tried the technique featured in the Winter 2011 issue of Interweave Knits. It's that sneaky method of using a knitpicker to place stitches on either side of the zipper to be knitted to the garmet.

It didn't really work for me. I've tried it twice already, but on both occasions could immediately tell that the knit stitches were warping the zipper edge and would lead to a buckled zipper once placed on the cardigan. I tried placing the stitches further apart and it didn't help. Plus, the only zipper I found that would work with my cardigan had a very tightly woven edge, which was very difficult to get the knitpicker through. Plus, I didn't like how time consuming this method was and it has more or less ruined the zipper, which I'm not too thrilled about.

I have no doubt that this method works for smaller projects that use pliable zipper siding, but it's just not happening with this cardigan.

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