Back for year of projects. I've been overwhelmed with life stuff and there hasn't been a ton of progress on my knitting lately and I didn't feel like showing photos of my projects stuck at a random row. Now that we've finally moved house, a lot of stress has been lifted and we're in a better place.

I have more room for cooking, a more stylish bedroom with a balcony and the boys have a bedroom that is two and a half times larger than their old one. It's an improvement and we're very grateful to my mother in law for the hard work she has done to get the house ready for us to occupy.

We are more comfortable than we've been in years. I'm still adjusting. The stress has kept me from being creative and I feel lost trying to wade back into it. I don't know what to write, which project to work on and I'm not sure how to get the clarity to figure it out. I figured dipping my toe back into year of projects might be a good start. I've missed all of you :)

I've taken the Dahlia back out from hiding.


I'm knitting the bottom back of the cardigan to match the lace panel. Just a few more inches and I'll be able to start the left side. Motivation is seeping back in. I want to see this sweater finished. I have a feeling that the floppy fronts might not work for me, but they might work out for my mother in law, who has often admired the Dahlia as I knit. I would be happy to see her wear it.

I'm not just knitting. I've finally found inspiration to do some new cooking, especially since we have a much more functional kitchen:


What's in the bowl?


Pizza dough. Feeling a little freedom since being done with moving I felt the urge to buy a new cooking magazine and try something out. I found Martha's cover this month irresistible:


and I was rewarded with a great pizza crust recipe:


The recipe says to let is rest for 24-48 hours, but that you can let it rise for 3 hours if you need to use it same day. That's what I'm doing. Hope it turns out well.

I think things are looking up around here. (if you're wondering husbeast is still employed, but still looking for a project within his company -I'm just glad we have a warm, secure place to live, I mean thrive.

How about you?


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