It's been a long while since I did Year of Projects. Part of it is that I like to have photos in my posts and I don't have any photos of anything new, or of anything in progress, because it's summer and I've been otherwise occupied with children, a new preschool and life craziness. After finishing the Shakespeare Cardigan I experienced a sense of accomplishment so big that I wanted to rest on my laurels for a while. I think a month is enough resting. I just finished the first pair of Christmas socks and I have a big bunch of knitting time coming up so I thought now would be a good time to review my year of project goals.

Here are my projects for the year:

  • Christmas Socks #1 (99% done)
  • Christmas Socks #2
  • Christmas Socks #3
  • Christmas Socks #4
  • Multnomah Shawl (5% done)
  • Older Boy Cardigan
  • Younger Boy Cardigan
  • That Knitted Cuff Thing
  • Pepperberry Knits Hat
  • Mitered Block Blanket (95% done)
  • Shakespeare Cardigan (100% done)
  • Dahlia Cardigan (8% done)

Look at that! Two finished projects. Maybe next week I'll move them to the finished project column! For now my focus is on another pair of socks, the multnomah shawl and the Dahlia Cardigan. Maybe just maybe I will finally get around to finishing weaving in the ends on that afghan. I'll be impressed if that gets finished by the end of the year.

How are things going with your knitting?

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