I'm fighting a cold hence the lateness with which I present my entry for this week's year of projects. I've steamed ahead on the Beachy Raglan, finishing one sleeve and getting a very good start on the second. This pullover will by done by the end of the week (with any luck)

Here's the pics:



I'm hoping that I might even finish it in time for Finished Object Wednesday! Let's give that a whirl, huh?

The fit on this project was excellent and I only had 6 skeins of yarn to work with. I could use one extra skein to lengthen the bottom, but we'll see how it looks once both sleeves are done.

Here's my progress for the year!

  • Textured Shawl (60% done)
  • Poang chair cover (5% done)
  • Chris Socks (55% done)
  • Beachy raglan (70% done)
  • Older Boy Cardigan
  • Younger Boy Cardigan
  • That Knitted Cuff Thing
  • Mystery MCN project (new!) 5%


Mitered Block Blanket (100% done.)

Hannah Hat #2 100% done

Christmas Socks #2 (100% done)

Shakespeare Cardigan (100% done)

Multnomah Shawl (100% done)

Pepperberry Knits Hat (100% done)

Holden Shawlette (100% done)

Christmas Socks #1 (100% done)

Dahlia Cardigan (100% done)

Luxuria Air Marle Beret (done)

What's new with your knitting?

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