yarnalong_gsheller_grayHooray for Yarn Along Day, where crafters from all over share what they're reading and knitting with Ginny from Small Things. You can join too -meet other crafts bloggers and introduce them to your blog.

I finally did turn my attention to the Shakespeare Cardigan and finished the left front. It's pretty simple now that I've actually figured out how all the decreases work. I did have to rip out a few rows because I was doing the decreases on the wrong side. Overall I'm happy with the progress and if I knuckle down this sweater could be done by the end of the month.



As for reading I participated in the redditgifts book exchange and made out like a bandit with two Fables Cinderella Trades and Howl's Moving Castle, which I've always wanted to read, so that's what's going on on the book front.


How's your knitting and reading going?

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