There's my progress of the Shakespeare Cardigan.

The honeycomb pattern has begun. I finally reached the 9 inches of k1p1 and wasted no time moving on to the honeycomb pattern. I'm 3/4ths of the way through the first repeat. There's three more repeats and if my knitting speed is any indication it's going to take me a week to finish this section. I'm starting to wonder whether I'll have enough yarn for the whole cardigan, but I'm not going to care. If I have to do it with an off dyelot, if this sweater takes 5 years to finish I will complete this cardigan.


It's also yarn along day so I'm happy to share with you that I'm reading It's a Boy, a book about childhood development from birth to age 18. If you're anything like me, sometimes parenting is a totally head-scratching experience. This book helps me understand my sons and where they're headed and how I can nurture them better. I will admit that I am a lazy mom, but my favorite things to do with the kids are read stories, cook food, go to the park, play with friends and go to the grocery store. I am rather impatient about how long it takes for my older son to dress himself. When we're in a rush I typically do it myself. Reading this book encourages me to foster the boys independence more.

What are you knitting and reading right now?


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