Yarn Along February 20

yarnalong_gsheller_grayHey Yarn Along-ers. It's Wednesday and time to share what I'm reading and knitting with Ginny at Small Things. It's one of the best ways to discover new and interesting craft blogs. You can see all of my past yarn along posts here. Are you a part of yarn along? Be sure to comment and say hello!



I'm still working on the Shakespeare Cardigan and I have gotten to the part where I separate everything for sleeves and such, but now that I have to focus on neck and armhole decreases I'm giving the cardigan a little rest. This of course means that I'm much more interested in boring vanilla sock knitting. These are the Cosmic Dawn socks from Fleece Artist. I've finished the first sock and am halfway through the second. If I put a little effort in these socks could be done by the end of the weekend.



Who is that? Is that Frida Kahlo? Heck yeah it is. Her step daughter wrote Frida's Fiestas, a wonderful cookbook back in the 1990's, which I found in my husband's storage space. He's got such a good treasure trove of books in there and this one had to come home with me. There are wonderful recollections of Frida as well as some tasty recipes.



I can't wait for these socks to be done. There will be a few more cold days for this California winter and I want to enjoy them. What are you knitting and reading?


0 #1 Sylvia 2013-02-21 20:18
Thanks for stopping by!
Beautiful color for those socks, knitting socks for next winter is definitely on my oh-so-long knit list. As for Frida Kahlo, I see her every time I look in the mirror. Oncoming unibrow, time for tweezers ;)

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