miteredblnkt1I have gotten some knitting done in the past week. I've continued working on the Wonderland Dyeworks sock, but it's not so exciting to look at. I have a couple more rows before I do the short row heel.

I've wanted to knit something a little more interesting so I went to work finishing another Mitered Cross block and started another one. Now I have five blocks total and it's starting to resemble something close to a blanket. Another 6 blocks to go before I figure out what to do with all that white Cascade 220. Do I make a bunch of white blocks? Do I order more red 220 and just make more of the same? Do I just keep the blanket at 12 blocks and then make another blanket with a different interior color? I'm not sure yet, but I am sure that I thoroughly enjoy knitting this blanket. It's one of those things where finishing a block is satisfying that you just keep making them until all of a sudden you have a blanket.

I may have also added to the yarn stash...

The cat approves


But seriously, I got some recycled sari silk yarn from Silk Road and one pair each of the knitter's pride nova and the dreamz to try out. So far I'm pretty impressed with the quality. The Dreamz have the size printed on both the join and the needle. The nickel plated brass feels substantial in the hand with very smooth joins (no easy feat with size 11 circs).


I've wanted to knit more on the Diminishing Rib Cardigan, but I'm at the point where I have to separate out everything for the sleeves and this is the first time I've knit a raglan cardigan and I need some dedicated focus time to wrap my head around this new technique (which I know isn't all that difficult). I just want it to be mostly quiet while I do it. Not such an easy request in this house.

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