goddess yarns JuliaGoing through my stash I found what remains of my Goddess Yarns stash. When Marin Fiber Arts opened, this was one of the first lines of yarn they bought and I immediately fell in love. The colors were muted, the yarn textures divine and the stitch definition unbeatable. But then for some reason Marin Fiber Arts couldn't get anymore yarn from them, and eventually you couldn't find the yarn anywhere.

The most recent news I can find about them is from a forum on Ravelry.

This is their only known location on the web, but if you read that Ravelry forum, you'll learn that they're not that responsive. I called the phone number available on the site and only got voicemail. I left a message requesting additional information.

Readers in the Knitters Review forums had wonderful things to say about them back in 2003. Apparently you could buy the yarn directly from their website goddessyarns.com, but you'll see, that site is dead and mysteriously, the site doesn't allow you to access old versions via the way back machine.

Does anyone have any clues to this mystery?


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