Remember a couple of years ago when celebrity knitters were all the rage? There was Julia Roberts, Russell Crowe, David Arquette. Apparently the latest celebrity to come out of the knitting closet is Deborah Norville.

I wanna know. Are these people still knitting? No way to tell. There's nothing about it on the web, no new "celebrity knitting" books coming out any time soon.

It seems to me that there are two types of celebrities in the knitting world.
There are the celebrity knitters, who are famous for other reasons and just happen to knit.
There are knitter celebrities, who are famous because of their knitting.

Judging from what's available on the web it seems that knitter celebrities are of greater interest to knitters as a whole. However, I would love to see a celebrity knitter blog.

Knit/Wit had an encounter with Franklin.

Sally Melville will be teaching at Knitch.

Knitique hosted Lorna Miser, was reported by the Flitter Knitter.

Potter Craft has brought a new book to my attention: Knitting and Tea. This is celebrity related because Kay from Mason Dixon Knitting is in one of the pictures on this post.


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