IKnitLab-logoFinally the Interweave Lab blog posts are trickling in.  It sounds like everyone had a delightful time learning from some of the industry's top designers and teachers. Hopefully, I'll be able to attend next year. In the meantime I will be checking out what others had to say.

Annie Modesitt had a wonderful time, enjoyed teaching her classes and hearing June Hiatt discussing The Principals of Knitting.

Therese of Knitfinder enjoyed Alice Starmore's class.

Feral Knitter has a comprehensive account of her experience, lots more details.

The Flitter Knitter has excellent photos, especially of the market.

Romi has the teacher's perspective of Knitting Lab and some great photos.

Knit1 Eat 1 has a lovely account of all the delicious yarn at the market. So. So. Jealous.

Did you go to Knitting Lab? How was it?

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