This year I'm going to try something a little different. Anyone can go to Gifts for Knitters to check out all of the crazy awesome knitting gifts one can find for any occasion, but this year I want to share the things that would make me happy as a knitter this year:

A camera.

Every year I say I need a new camera and every year it doesn't happen and this was the year that my camera finally gave up the ghost. I still have my camera phone, but it's just not doing the job. This is the camera of my dreams:


Botanical Knits


Botanical Knits. Botanical Knits 2. Coastal Knits too. These last few years I have hardly bought myself a knitting book, let alone a series of knitting books. These would be very welcome additions to my knitting bookself.


Another KnitKit.


It's one of my favorite things every year and I need an extra one to keep in my car at all times. I have one at home, but now I need one fo the car. Because knitting.


A Regular Knitting Group in My Neighborhood

I was spoiled by my first knitting group. If you have an amazing knitting group, let your fellow knitters know. Tell them how much you enjoy knitting with them because not everyone has a fantastic knitting group. There are ones nearby to me, but I just can't get into them. I don't know why. I don't want to start one. I just want to attend one. 


A magic spell for holes in handknitted socks

I've finally been knitting long enough for my handknitted socks to wear out. It sucks. I don't like darning. I don't like how it looks or feels on the foot, yet I have a hard time letting go of my holey socks or even starting more pairs of socks to knit. It just makes me sad, much in the same way getting dumped sucks. Here I thought I had a good thing going with these socks and then they go ahead and get all loose in the stitches and fall apart. 


A Reasonable Babysitter

That one's pretty self explanatory. Babysitters are expensive. They basically double the cost of any outing. We can't afford babysitters. We rely on my parents or my MIL to babysit, but their availability is fairly limited. Husbeast and I have learned to take immense joy out of two hours to buy comics and eat ice cream every now and then. 


A massage

I did enjoy a massage earlier this summer, but many more would be more than welcome. 


Historical Fiction recommendations.

Books: the closest thing I get to a real vacation these days. Last week it took me two hours to get out of the otherworldly feeling I had after reading a whole book in a morning. (Book reading is more flexible around regular child-related interruptions -writing not so much).


The entirety of the Australian show Kath and Kim on DVD.

This costs a fortune. It's a pity that the American show failed so hard. They should have hired me to write it. Instead we ended up with the Real Housewives of whereever because that's pretty much the closest thing to Kath and Kim in Australia... which gets me to wondering is there a real Housewives of Australia, because that might just be a show I would watch.


What do YOU want for the holidays this year?

UPDATE!! - I read this post two years later and realized how much of this stuff faded in interest, or I was able to get without spending much money almost as if it magically appeared in my life. Things change when you're not paying attention.

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