I was excited to hear this morning that Vogue Knitting had released the preview of their fall issue. That is, I was excited until I actually looked at the patterns. For me, there's something about Vogue Knitting patterns that are a little "too much" to me. Too many ruffles, too many cables, too many patterns that look like road kill. I know I'm being harsh. To be fair the patterns that call road kill to mind come from a Project Runway designer and not from the many talented knitwear designers that grace the pages.

Not every issue is like this, but every season I get excited hoping that Vogue Knitting might come out with a home run of an issue -an issue that is wearable, and knittable. Heck, I'd be happy if 2-3 knitting patterns were wearable. I don't blame the designers. Obviously someone's doing something right because Vogue Knitting recently expanded to an extra issue per year and I can't think of another publication in the whole world who has expanded production.

My opinion aside, here's what knitters are saying about Vogue Knitting Fall 2010:

Knitting.Craftgossip says:

A few, um, well, lets just say I can't imagine wearing that much yarn.

Life Randomness Yarn has a much more favorable perspective of the latest issue:

Vogue Knitting's London Calling spread has some awesome knits ...

The Knitting Curmudgeon doesn't actually have a review, but her tagline "shut up I'm counting" made me add her to my blog feed.

Wooly Wits shares What to Wear and she might actually be right. There's a few patterns that she's picked that I might actually want to knit....  Ok, half of them are from ads, but still.

Stay tuned for more reviews :)

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