il_430xN.59530814I've been fighting a cold for a while now and this leaves me tired and cranky. I've been too tired to do much of anything but watch television (not much time for knitting either) and I've found myself watching True Blood, which made me wonder. What's out there in terms of vampire knitting? I'm sure that the Twilight Fans out there would love some Edward and Bella knitting action.

Let's see what I've found.

CraftZine has Ariadne Knits' Vincent the Vampire.

Back in 2007 there was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer KAL. (brought to you by Knit Think)

For $25 you can have some of yarnlust's handpainted yarn called "Vampire's Kiss" (see photo left) Did I mention that it was cashmere?

Geekcrafts has a link to Bella's mittens from the first Twilight Movie.

According to Blue Eyed Purls there was a vampire knitting swap on Ravelry earlier this year.

For your entertainment, here's a link to the ravelry pattern search for "vampire". Go knit yourself a Bill or an Edward. Me, I'm a Bill girl. Edward's much too pretty for me.



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