There has been some knitting around here.


Yep. I'm up to the armpit of the wool cotton vneck, but I'm also up to my armpits in work. All the kinds of work. Children work, house work, business work. Work Work Work. I had these wild and crazy ideas that I might spend some time when the kids are in school doing some "me" things. You know, stuff like going to the movies or a museum. Sitting thoughtfull at a cafe, drinking coffee and eating a sandwich. Pretty much the closest I have gotten to that kind of personal endeavor is popping into TJ Maxx for an hour to try on handbags without buying anything. 

It's my choice. I have some new projects that have required a ton of my focus. I'm also in charge of fundraising at the co-op preschool. There is too much on my plate and I've already let go of a few things. I'm not very active with the Renters Coalition anymore. They have plenty of people there who are more passionate than I am about rent control. I'm happy to let it go. I'm starting work with the Alameda Home Team who tries to educate people about the realities of housing developments in the Bay Area. I'm hopeful that I can do some good, but without thousands of protestors attending city council to tell their governments that they need to prioritize new transit and housing I'm afriaid that the Bay Area is only going to become more exclusive and less a region I want to inhabit. Some things you just don't have any control over, which depresses the hell out of me. Knitting's one of the few things that keeps me out of a funk. 

One day at a time.

What are you knitting? 


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