Where to begin?

Let's do a little recap. I've been stressed out since October. Husbeast got laid off for the second time last year and the third time within the last two years and we spent most of the holidays worried about money. He landed another job on a great project just before Christmas and we all breathed a heaving sigh of relief. Since then I've been stressing out about the move, packing boxes, giving away furniture and negotiating with my landlord. I haven't been able to concentrate on anything else. I haven't done any writing, barely any knitting. The knitting I have done has been delightfully mindless. I can't wrap my head around anything but stockinette stitch.

This week we had turned a corner in the move, setting a date for when we actually move to my mother in law's house. It seemed for a minute that the horror of job loss and the transition of moving would be nearing an end. Until yesterday.

He's been working this job for six weeks. Yesterday they announced that they are once again cancelling the project he's working on and his job is in limbo.

I am shocked. I am upset. I'm angry at the game design industry for disrupting my family so many times. It would be one thing if my husband was incompetent, but each time he's been let go, it's because higher ups had decided to cancel projects in progress and layoff entire teams. This means that for the last two years my husband hasn't had any published games to show for his hard work.

Job 1 - Studio halted in-house production
Job 2 - Quit to join EA/Bioware
Job 3 - Job moved to Sacramento (couldn't move due to family obligations)
Job 4 - Project Cancelled
Job 5 - Project Cancelled

We are lucky. We know friends who have suffered worse than this. We have friends who have not been able to get any game design jobs.

What the math is wrong with the game design industry? So far our family has lost all of its savings, lost any chance to be able to afford to buy a house, gone deeper into debt. Just as we thought we had an opportunity to recoup those losses by moving in with my mother in law to save money we have more broken promises from a large corporation to provide simple employment.

I wish I knew what to do because whatever it is that we're doing right now isn't working.

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