To my greatest surprise this week I have finished not one, but two knitting projects I've had on the needles this year. My husband's Christmas Socks were done just in time to put them in his stocking and yesterday I bound off the Textured Shawl. Two finished objects in one week? I'm nearly beside myself. I've been working on the textured shawl since October of 2013. I started the Christmas socks shortly thereafter. It's nice to have some knitting off the slate to make room for other projects. I still have the red fern cardigan on the needles. I just need to knit the other sleeve, but aside from that there's really nothing hanging around. Quelle surprise.

I'm going to cast on a new pair of socks for me :)

Maybe it's time to start another shawl too. Not sure which one or what yarn, but I'm eager to dive into the knitting book stash to find something fun to do with yarn I already have (such is the theme since having children). Lucky for me I have more yarn than I know what to do with.

I'm tempted to bust out my stash of Crystal Palace Yarns cotton chenille and make a cool blanket. Not sure how big, or what method. I was thinking of knitting individual blocks, or doing some intarsia knitting. I just know that I want it to be modern, colorful and full of texture.

It's kind of nice to end the year with some finished items to have a fresh start for 2015. Here's to a lot of knitting in 2015. Some of my goals for the blog include:

  • More Interchangeable Knitting Needle Reviews
  • Hopefully a better camera with which to take good knitting photos
  • A Guide to Knitblogging
  • Continued knitting project posts

I hope we see more of you next year. Happy knitting!!!



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