thredupreviewToday I'm doing something a little new: I'm reviewing Thredup, an online secondhand clothing shop. I love larf lurve Thredup. It is my new best friend. 



It's not that often that I review things around here that aren't knitting related. I actually don't think I've ever reviewed something on Knit Luck that didn't have something to do with knitting in one way or another, and you might be wondering then why I'm reviewing Thredup, the second hand clothing company from the SF Bay Area. It's very simple. The less money I spend on high quality clothes that will last me a long time, the more money I will have to spend on Yarn (yes, that's capitalized because this is a knitting blog) and Other Knitting Things. Thredup has allowed me to subastantially upgrade my warddrobe without losing my yarn budget. I've placed a couple of orders with Thredup and I'm going to tell you why I'm now completely obsessed with it, as well as some secrets to making the most of Thredup.

1) Find all the clothes in my favorite brands in my size in one place and know that they are going to be in excellent, wearable condition.

I used to love shopping on ebay for used clothing, but then a couple of times the clothing wasn't in such great condition, or it smelled like cigarettes and usually I hadn't paid enough money for the clothes to waste my time trying to recoup my loss. When I shop with Thredup I KNOW that without a doubt that shirt or sweater I ordered is going to be in great condition, or with a tiny unnoticeable flaw.

2) Pay less for my favorite brands.

I am not one of the Ladies of London. None of the other knitting mommies I know care if I'm wearing last season's clothes. I don't love spending full price for clothing, even when I buy something new it's usually heavily discounted from a sale. 

3) The clothes come to me and they're easier to find.

Sure, I could spend some time at Goodwill, and believe me I still will, but I find the clothes I'm looking for much faster on Thredup than I do when browsing the racks at a thrift store. If I'm looking for something specific all it takes is a simple search for the item and the size and I'm on the road to thrifty treasures. When I'm looking for unexpected treasures, I'll go to Thredup, and if I don't find it there I'll probably still go to Goodwill, St Vinny's or the Salvation Army.

4) I am able to create my own stores based on my own searches so that if I can't find what I want the first time, I can keep checking it again.

I'm one of those people who when they find a brand that they like in a size that they like I will be loyal to that brand for years. There's a comfort in knowing year after year that pants or shirts will fit in a similar way with a certain brand. For me, it's about the Anne Taylor LOFT, Prairie Underground, JCrew, Gap, Banana Republic and Lucky Brand Denim

5) The returns are super easy.

Sometimes my brands let me down and a size doesn't fit right. Fortunately returns are the easiest I've ever experienced. No hassles whatsoever. You just put whatever you don't want back into the box, request a return, print a shipping label and give it to your mailman the next time you see him (or bring it to the post awful, I mean post office, or a fedex location). I've gotten my store credit swiftly and simply. That store credit doesn't last very long because as soon as I get the email that it's been put into my account I hop onto Thredup to get my new-to-me-clothing fix. 

6) You can send clothes you don't want anymore and get another store credit to buy clothes that you do love.

After a few orders from Thredup, your older clothes don't seem to make you nearly as happy and you realize that there are a few things that you just don't love anymore. 

7) They also have kids clothes.

I have the toughest time finding quality kids clothes at goodwill. Maybe I just don't get there fast enough, but usually the children's stuff I find there is stained or damaged. I hardly ever search for kids clothes there any more. However, I can find quite a few great shirts or pants on Thredup, no problem.

8) More brand names than Schoola

I've used Schoola and I just find that either their photography is bad or the clothes there just don't appeal to me. I rarely find the brands I'm looking for (I'm endlessly stalking for Prairie Underground stuff). 

9) Every time I buy a portion of money goes to my kids schools. 

So lemme get this straight. I get to buy my favorite clothes by my favorite designers at a huge discount AND a nice portion of money goes straight to my kid's school. I've only been using Thredup for a few weeks and I've already earned my kid's school just about $10 and I didn't even have to sell any goofy wrapping paper. 

In the past I've been pretty hesitant to try any of these new internet services. I haven't ubered or ordered anything from munchery, but it seems I've finally found my new internet service that I can't live without: Thredup's online brand name thriftshopping. The thing that won me over was the free $20 they give you when you place your first order. You can have it too. It's really worth it, especially if you're at home with kids and don't have the ability to leisurely try clothes on at the store. It has saved my sanity and improved my self esteem to have new-to-me quality clothes. 

Later on this week, I'll share with you my secrets for making the most of Thredup and some of my favorite outfits I've found.

Are you a fan of secondhand clothes? Have you tried Thredup? Let me know in the comments what you think.


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