Go on a Sunday.

There's hardly anyone there. For me, I have the havoc of two small children. While in year's past I've enjoyed the energy of hundreds of knitters all excited about the latest yarn and the newest knitting bag, it was an unmitigated pleasure to have a quiet Sunday morning to check out the market place. No lines, no fighting to fully examine the pretty yarns. It was just the thing I needed to relax and get a break away from the kids.

Why go to Stitches on a Sunday?

  • There are fewer hordes
  • The shopkeepers have more time to answer your questions
  • You can actually hear your name called if you won a raffle prize
  • You can hear yourself think as you decide whether or not to buy all of the sock yarn.
  • Easier to bump into people you know.

How to make the most of your Sunday at Stitches?

  • Get your ass out of bed early.
  • Go to the Hyatt restaurant and have one of their killer breakfasts.
  • Be at the market door when it opens.
  • Relax and enjoy.

The downsides? Some of the show-special yarns are already gone and many of the book signings and other special events have come and gone. However, if the people who are there have so much more capacity to connect with you. I still saw some great knitting designers there on Sunday.

Did you go to Stitches? How did it go? Did you blog about it? Link to it in the comments.


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