One good thing about this hiatus is that I have been knitting a lot. For once, I'm trying to knit a bunch of smaller projects and use up random skeins of yarn instead of overwhelming myself with one giant project. I've gotten into the cowl craze and am using the opportunity to knit with some of the more interesting balls of yarn in my stash. But first, I must confront the ridiculous mistakes from my holiday knitting.

The good news? The Clapotis went pretty well despite a glaring error. I forgot to pick up the extra stitch every time I dropped the stitch so each repeat was one less stitch than what the pattern specified, and if you look closely one end is a little wider than the other, but you can't really tell and it looks fabulous on my mother in law.

I tried making this scarf (ravelry link), which is knit horizontally. I stupidly thought that since it was a scarf, it didn't matter if I did a gauge swatch and didn't notice that the yarn I was using was slightly larger than the worsted weight used in the pattern. So ladies and gentlemen, I present you with a scarf so long it's almost unwearable. I intended to give it as a gift, but I thought it would be ridiculous to ask the person, who is already kind of short, to wrap this scarf sixty times around their neck. Despite the mistake, I still think it's rather pretty.


This scarf would hit the floor if you didn't wrap it 10 times around your neck.



You can see both sides of the scarf. Wrong side on left, right side on right.
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