The Last Days of 2012

It's been a busy couple of months. I know this now because things have finally quieted down and I can think back to the Spring which was the last time it was sort of sedate chez knitluck. Since July we've been dealing with one one thing or another whether it was Burning Man, recovering from Burning Man, building a new website, planning Thanksgiving and coping with the general craziness of the holidays, not to mention children's birthday parties and an upcoming mommy knitting retreat. I'm here to give stay at home mom a whole new meaning. Mostly that I will stay at home with the children and do a whole heap of kooky things.

Like knitting.

Here's photographic proof of the mitered square blanket:


I finished one of the Cosmic Dawn Socks:


Knitting as ever has been a sense of calm for me. More than that, a sense of joy and has brought me many friends over the past two years. That has been the big thing about 2012, using knitting to expand my horizons, or bringing knitting to others to help them. I'd like to continue that. Thank you to Tamara, Bina, Alex, Robin, Renee, Cara, Poppy, Tink, Monty, Danielle, Jacqui, Jonsi, Julie, Josh, Chris, Nate, Liam, Mom, Dad, Victor, Grandma, Mama E for a terrific year.

And Knit Luck readers, I'd like to thank you because you keep coming back here.

Hope you have a happy new year and that 2013 makes your dreams come true because that's what I'm doing, making my big dreams come true.

Happy Knitting xKnitLuck


0 #1 Evelyn 2012-12-30 15:04
I couldn't have said that better ... much happiness and friendship in 2013!
0 #2 Angela P 2012-12-30 16:05
Thanks Evelyn, best wishes for prosperity in 2013 for you too! Keep spreading the knitting love.

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