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Part Two - What Interchangeable Knitting Needles are on the Market?

The other day, I started the KnitLuck Guide to Interchangeable Knitting Needles because I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. I see so many questions on the intertubes about which interchangeable needle set is the best. Usually the right answer is that you need to try them out yourself. This is true, but I think we can still get down to brass tacks about the pros and cons of each set....

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Today I'm investigating the manufacturers of interchangeable knitting needles. Who makes what with which material and how much they cost. Please note that I wrote this a few years ago and that this doesn't represent all of the manufacturers currently available. Please check the main Interchangeable Knitting Needle Guide page for a list of all interchangeable knitting needle reviews. More manufacturers will be added to this page soon.

Interchangeable Knitting Needles on the Market:

Boye Needlemaster $69.99

Another one of the originals this metal interchangeable kit goes all the way from size 2 to 15, with 4 cord sizes. Unfortunately, the cord sizes are on the small side and only go up to 21 inches. This might be the perfect interchangeable knitting needle set for hats, but not so much for sweaters.


deniseneedlesDenise Interchangeables - $55
These interchangeable knitting needles have been around for a long time. Some people swear by them and you can get them in the original blue, or in pink. You can also get them as part of a Della Q set from Webs which comes in a silk, Della Q case instead of the boring old plastic one. Also the cords are available in more exciting colors on Amazon. Totally affordable interchangeable needles in the $55 range.


knitpicksinKnit Picks Options - $50-$80
These came out a couple of years ago to great acclaim from knitters. They are made by the same people as Knitter's pride and come in the Harmony Wood, Nickle Plated and the Zephyr Acrylic. They are known for their especially pointy tips, which are great for lace knitting. Unlike the Knitter's Pride needles they do not come in color-coded colors. The wood needles are multi-colored and the acrylic ones are clear. However, their circular cords are purple, which is an improvement on the usual blue or black.


knittersprideneedlesKnitter's Pride $37-$100
These are the same people who make the Knit Picks interchangeables. They are interchangeables available in wood, metal and square wood, rosewood and acrylic tips. The Symfonie dreamz wooden needles are color coded by size, which makes finding the right needle for a project just that much easier. The Knitters Pride Nova are nickel-plated brass. The Cubics are square rosewood needles. There is also the Symfonie Rose Deluxe set, which is a regular rosewood set availble for $99. Lest I forget that Knitter's Pride also has the Trendz interchangeable needles, which all have acrylic color coded tips. That's a real bargain at $36.99 for 8 different sized needles (4, 6-11).



Webs Interchangeables - $109.99
The Webs Interchangeables are a bamboo interchangeable knitting needle set that come in sizes 4 to 11 (3, 13, and 15 sold separately). It comes in a dark blue silk case, with the adaptors and knobs, and a needle gauge with cutter. This is a great set for someone who wants the less expensive alternative to the Skacel Addi Natura Clicks.


addibamboo2Skacel Addi Clicks $130-$180
The Skacel Addi Clicks are a big deal and they are significantly more expensive than the others. This is because they figured out a way to to interchangeable knitting needles without an extra key and with the smoothest joins on the market. Leave it to the Europeans to find a way to craft something well for extra money. The Addi Clicks come in the Bamboo Natura Click at $131.95, the Lace tips at $149.95 and the regular Addi Turbos at $130.95.



Hiya Hiya Interchangeables $77 for each set ($150 for both)
Hiya Hiya has done something smart. They have splut up their kit into smaller and larger sizes, making their set seem less expensive when it is actually comparable to the Clover Interchangeable Bamboo. I hear the quality is good and that they're one of the few sets that include a size 2 needle. For you sock knitters out there it might just be worth a try. I'd be interested to hear whether you get a lot of snagging at the join.


cloverinterchangeablesClover Bamboo Interchangeables - $139.99
Needle Sizes 3-15 and with 5 different sized cords, this might be one of the most complete interchangeable knitting needle sets out there. From reading outside reviews the Clove Bamboo Interchangeable knitting needles have some sort of swivel mechanism that keeps the tips secure on the cords and provides minimal snags. I would still love to try these out and see since they're $40 less than the Addi Clicks.


Which interchangeable knitting needles are right for you?

Now that I know exactly what's out there I'm starting to get an idea what makes a great interchangeable knitting needle set. Somewhere in the above sets there's the right combination of price, quality, assortment of knitting needle sizes and customer support that stands out. I'll get more into those attributes next time in The Interchangeable Knitting Needles Guide Part 3.


+1 #1 RE: The KnitLuck Guide to Interchangeable Knitting Needles Part 2 - Needle ManufacturersKim Taylor 2012-05-24 03:53
A correction to your description of the Boyd interchangeable system: the longest cord is 21 inches, but the kit includes hardware to connect cords together.
+1 #2 RE: The KnitLuck Guide to Interchangeable Knitting Needles Part 2 - Needle ManufacturersMary Bode 2012-05-24 04:03
I have the Boye set and although the cords are short, you can link them together to make them longer. Very useful.
0 #3 Angela P 2012-05-24 04:15
Thanks Kim for the heads up :) I will update this soon.
+1 #4 RE: The KnitLuck Guide to Interchangeable Knitting Needles Part 2 - Needle ManufacturersDebbie 2013-02-17 16:58
A couple things I didn't see mentioned:
The Hiya Hiya needles have a "swivel" which allows the needles to rotate while knitting and prevents twisting of the cables and yarn--a real plus. They offer "sharps" which are tips that are sharper, similar to Addi lace tips. The metal is also a bit different and not as slippery as Addi needles (but similar to the Addi brass lace needles). I have both Hiya and Addi needles and have had both disconnect while knitting. I didn't expect this with these companies but, it seems to happen with any brand on occasion.
0 #5 RE: The KnitLuck Guide to Interchangeable Knitting Needles Part 2 - Needle ManufacturersDonna 2013-10-25 14:22
The Clover Bamboo set is available at Michaels. They periodically offer a 50% off coupon. I recently purchased a set for about $75.00.
0 #6 RE: The KnitLuck Guide to Interchangeable Knitting Needles Part 2 - Needle Manufacturersem 2014-08-18 19:38
The Boye needles screw onto the cable. i have, on way too many occasions, had them unscrew on me in the middle of my work. it's very frustrating to have to pick up all those stitches and then re-screw the needle back on. Gonna try addi now.
+1 #7 RE: The KnitLuck Guide to Interchangeable Knitting Needles Part 2 - Needle ManufacturersKimberly Taylor 2014-08-18 20:09
I've tried the Boye and Addi systems, and the Addi needles are worth the extra cost. You have to line up the needle with the cord, then push and twist to lock. In four months, I've had one needle come apart during a project, a huge improvement over the screw-on systems.
0 #8 RE: The KnitLuck Guide to Interchangeable Knitting Needles Part 2 - Needle ManufacturersChrista 2014-12-27 15:49
Have you used the chaiogoo interchangeable needles? I would like to see what people think? I am looking to get a new set and you info has been very helpful.
0 #9 RE: The KnitLuck Guide to Interchangeable Knitting Needles Part 2 - Needle ManufacturersElyse 2015-03-17 18:21
Contrary to the title of your post, your list did not include a very strong contender -- ChiaoGoo red cord lace knitting interchangeable s. If I had to choose just one set to own they would be the ones. The top reason for that the cords DO NOT KINK. period! The tips are also very nice, they do not come unscrewed and this is a bit picky but the screw is on the needle, not the cord.

I sometimes remove a needle and then decide to transfer stitches. If the screw were on the cord as is the case with other sets, the screw threads would catch and pull the stitches in the process of transfering them.
0 #10 RE: The KnitLuck Guide to Interchangeable Knitting Needles Part 2 - Needle ManufacturersMarla 2015-03-26 00:04
I have been exploring interchangeable lace sets for a couple years now. I have it down to 2 sets. The Chia Goo and the Hiya Hiya.

The Chia Goo does have the red 'cable'. This will make a slight difference in weight. Over lenghthy knitting sessions this may be problematic for those with carpel tunnel or arthritis. I think it is their bamboo set that swivels.

The Hiya Hiyas have the swivel on the lace set. Like the Chia Goo the threading is on the needle and the cable has the coordinating insert.

Have tried both lace interchangeable needles. I bought them separately to make the comparison.
If I had to choose right now I would favor the Hiya Hiya's.

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