Just before the moving craziness began back in December I got a lovely email from someone associated with Eucalan. They wanted to know whether I'd like to sample some of their wool wash and write about it. I've used Eucalan before and I was totally intrigued by their new product offerings. I always adored their Eucalyptus scented wool wash, but was happy to discover new scents added to their product line. It also just so happened that I didn't have any wool wash and two pairs of socks to block. They sent me a sampler of their little Eucalan minis, including their lavender, jasmine wrapture, eucalyptus, grapefruit and natural scents.

I'm very happy that Eucalan sent me this set because wait for it... my local yarn shop does not carry wool wash. Let me tell you a little more about that.

A few years ago I finished a sweater and I had run out of wool wash. I love wool wash. It's like a special treatment for my finished objects to thank them for all of their hard work. I did what any good knitter would do, I went to my local yarn shop, and I asked whether they carried any wool wash and I got a very stern bark back from the LYS owner, as if just asking the question created offense:

"We don't carry any. It's just dish soap."

It's one thing if you don't carry it, but you don't have to be RUDE about it, as if my desire for a washing product especially designed for my hand knits is some consumerist indulgence. The interchange colored my opinion of this yarn shop. After all, here I was looking for a product that most yarn shops should carry, willing to pay the money for some and all I get is negativity and a bad attitude. I'll tell you I have not spent nearly as much money as I could have in that yarn shop. It was extra disappointing that it was walking distance away from my house.

Here's the thing. Eucalan in particular contains lanolin, which impregnates every animal based fiber, the eucalyptus and lavender scents deter moths and can be used to clean all of your other clothes in the laundry (even front-loading washing machines). Unfortunately I was too flabbergasted to even respond with anything beyond an openly disenchanted "Thanks" before walking out the door. Luckily for me a friend of mine had a bunch of Eucalan and decanted enough to wash a single project into a little bottle. I've been enchanted ever since.

Of course I was excited to try the new Eucalan scents. Grapefruit has been a favorite scent of mine since the dear dim days of middle school stalking the Body Shop catalog for grapefruit scented body wash, which was like one step away from strawberry shortcake bubble bath so of course I picked that scent to block my holiday socks.


These are the socks I knit for some friends last year. They were finished and needed a bath :)



Here I'm getting the bath ready. One of these packets is enough for two pairs of socks. I had a little extra left, which I would have liked to have save, but eh that's ok. It means that one block a sweater with one of these.


Here are the socks in their bath. Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles.


I was pretty happy with the finished results, unfortunately it being Christmas and these being last minute holiday gifts I forgot to take a picture of them when they were dry. As soon as they finished drying these puppies were wrapped and ready to give. Maybe I can beg my friends to take pictures of the socks on their feet.

My thoughts:

These are very light scents as soon as your knitting hits the water whatever perfume may be in the soap is quickly replaced by the smell of wet wool. After all these years of knitting, I love that smell. It's the smell of accomplishment of a project well on its way to completion. I don't have to rinse the project, the soap is biodegradable, it has natural lanolin (which was in your wool to begin with) and comes in a variety of sizes. The next time I go on a trip I'm bringing one of these little guys with me to clean up after any stains, especially if I get them on one of my favorite sweaters. 

Have you used Eucalan? Tell me about it in the comments.

Note: I have not been paid for this review, however I did receive a free sample.

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