princeofwalesbabyshawlWe're not above royal news around here. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge brought their new baby home today, but not before showing him off outside the hospital in an astoundingly gorgeous christening blanket.

Yeah and the baby was cute too, but we all know what we knitters really want to know? What knitting pattern was that baby blanket? If you're looking to knit yourself the same baby shawl worn by Kate and William's little baby prince, you're in luck. You don't have to knit it. They are for sale by GH Hurt and Son and made in England out of 100% Merino Wool. While knitters everywhere are a little disappointed that it wasn't a handknit, it was refreshing to know that Kate and William were supporting their local economy. You can be sure that some knitter somewhere will come up with a knitting pattern for it soon!

 Should you wish to knit something similar in the meantime, here are a few recommendations from Ravelry:

The Baby Heirloom Blanket

Rib and Lace with Blackberry Stitch

Vintage Blanket

Many thanks to TheSexyKnitter for the heads up.


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