knittedturkeyclothThanksgiving is just around the corner and a great gift you can offer your Thanksgiving host is a little knitted something or other to show them you appreciate all of the hard work that went into the biggest meal of the year. You could knit some of these fabulous pumpkins (especially the chevron striped one) or you could check out some of our favorite thanksgiving turkey knitting patterns. Your hostess will thank you for the thoughtful and useful gift!


Thanksgiving Dishcloths

Any of these knitted dishcloths would make great gifts, knit them singly or knit all four of them as a set.

Thanksgiving Hats

Why buy a baby's first thanksgiving shirt, when you can knit or crochet a turkey hat that all of the babies in your family can wear for generations to come.

  • The Crocheted Turkey Dinner Hat by Brooke Krueger will make grandpa laught mashed potatoes through his nose.
  • The Turkey Feather Hat by Abigail Polzin will turn your cute little baby into a cute little turkey. I'm sure you'll find a way to pardon this one from the dinner table.
  • The Wild Turkey Hat by RAKJPatterns comes in many different sizes. Make it your family's new turkey day tradition for each family member to wear one at the dinner table.

Thanksgiving Turkeys

Real live turkey chicks are messy and hard to care for, so obviously they don't make very good turkey day decorations, but you can knit some of your own little baby turkeys here:

Susan B Anderson, renowned hat designer came up with this cute little mini turkey design.

Knitted Bliss also has a terrific turkey finger puppet to keep the kiddies entertained at the dinner table. (thanks knittingparadise!)

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