I've been carrying a Lexie Barnes bag as my primary knitting bag for the last two years. It's held up beautifully -it still looks brand new -even more so when I simply take a damp cloth and wipe away any dirt. This bag is my partner in crime, my constant companion and has been around the world. So I was pleased to discover that Lexie Barnes is holding a knitting event at New York's fashion week -and she's looking for your help. And she has some fabulous bonus gifts should you wish to contribute (even for as low as $10 and as hight as $1000). Think of it like your PBS fundraising drive, but you're spreading the love of knitting, and helping to promote the best knitting bags in the business (well, in my humble opinion).

Seriously, if you're already planning a spa getaway in Massachusetts - this might be a good deal for you!

Stay tuned on her site -rumor has it that she has new bags on the way... I can't wait!

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