It's not too hot to knit socks.


Summer is treating me well. I'm focusing on the kids and doing the kinds of things that moms with older kids get to do, like taking the kids to swimming lessons. This means that I've got time to sit around and wait while the swimming lessons commence and like for most knitters that means that I've got time to knit. I've already finished a pair of socks this summer and I'm almost halfway done with another pair. I just have to finish the toe on this blue and white striped sock. It's a nice feeling of accomplishment that I enjoy so much that I can't manage to go more than a half hour after finishing a pair of socks before I start another one. I'm hoping to keep that going for the rest of the year. 

Sock knitting helps me maintain a little bit of sanity. This fall is going to be a little crazy. I'm going to be bringing my sock knitting with me like a little security blanket whererever I go. For now it's summer and I'm determined to enjoy it as much as possible before the craziness begins. 

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