Stories From Sock Camp

Reading the Yarn Harlot this morning, I became intrigued by the goings on at BMFA's Sock Camp AKA, Camp Knittyhaha. Of course, I'm jealous that I did not attend, but thankfully these people have detailed their experience so that the rest of us may live vicariously through them, or at least plan to go to August's Sock Conference in Portland.

The Goddess Knitters have some excellent pictures, and a countdown to the Sock Summit. Only 122 days left!

Irishgirlieknits also has some photos to share.

Cupcakefaerie from Sheear Madness shows us some photos from the dyeing session (ps nice header on your blog!!!)

Hizknits does a brief mention (bonus points for you if you can find his jazz hands photo on another camp post!)

Nathania from Purlescence attended and led the group in some yoga poses.

Of course Adventures in Sock Knitting was there.

Hither and Yarn got a little disctracted by the flowers.

Discuss :)


0 #1 cupcakefaerie 2009-04-13 14:45
Thanks! Great site. I don't know why I didn't discover it sooner.

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