There's only a few more hours left in the New Year and as is the fashion I'm trying to reset myself to have a fresh start. Lucky for me, I finished a few knitting projects in the last week and it's already has me looking forward and feeling accomplished. So I cast something on, forgetting even to take photos of the finished Textured Shawl (I'll get to it I promise). One thing ends, another thing begins. One year ends, another year begins.

I was looking for simple, graphically striking blankets to knit and came across this ridiculously simple gem: The Chevron Baby Blanket by Espace Tricot. It's a free pattern, it's nothing revolutionary. Just some striped chevron, but it will look great with the colors I'm using:


I've already made quite a good start on the blanket, cast on, knit about 8 rows. It makes me feel just that little bit more prepared for 2015. 

I guess I wouldn't really be prepared if I didn't look back on 2014 and acknowledged that it happened. I'm going to remember 2014 as the year we moved in with Omama. It's the year that politically activated me and I started a renters organization to help renters get emotional and practical support. It's the year that I found my voice, which ended up being much stronger than I ever imagined. It's the year I had to learn more humility and how to surrender to my circumstances.

It feels like a solid beginning, a seed in fertile soil. Considering that a year ago, I felt so lost, like such a loser. We were being economically evicted from our apartment, my husband lost his job (again, and again). He was unemployed for most of this year. Here's to a steadier ride for 2015. :)

-KNIT LUCK (the way in which knitting helps or changes your life) 

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