If there's one thing that can pull me out of a funk it's surprise yarn!

Omama brought me some yarn she picked up in Austria.




The big question now is what am I going to do with this yarn? I have enough to make a couple of sets of fingerless gloves. I want to make some for my husbeast and for myself, flashy colors be damned.

Then there's that Zauberball. I have no idea what to make with that. I don't currently have a shawl on the needles. Maybe it's time to get one started?

Guess I have to go to Ravelry and figure it out. Here's what I found for the noro:

Entrelac fingerless gloves

The Sockhead Hat

Pieces of Eight Mitts 

The cool thing is that I have enough yarn to make a hat AND some fingerless mitts so I think I might give that a whirl. 

But then there's still the Zauberball!

That's easy. The Zauberball will be a pair of socks. Toute suite!

How's your Sunday knitting going? What's your favorite yarn surprise?

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