Spoiled in the Reddit Gifts Yarn Exchange

I've recently gotten into reddit, the link aggregator community. Reddit is a giant rabbit hole of information and geekery and considering their audience it's not all that surprising that there's a strong knitting community on reddit as well. They have their own subreddit called knittit and have also been the focus of a recent redditgifts exchange.

They had a yarn exchange this winter where you were assigned a redditor and you sent them at least one skein of yarn. I sent my redditor two skeins of Malabrigo and one of those knitit kits. I thought I was spoiling my redditor, but then I received my package in the mail and got this:


Here's what I wrote about the package I got:

This is a fantabulous package from a very thoughtful knitter. I was spoiled beyond belief with my favorite chocolates, tea, and amazing yarns!!!! Rolos and Heath Bar Crunch? I will be having them for breakfast with my Constant Comment tea. Will it make the rest of the day a little kooky? Sure, but totally worth it. I'm saving the best for last with the yarns. My gifter could not have chosen better, finding yarns that I don't have easy access to up here in colorways that delighted and surprised me.
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