It's been slow Chez Knitluck. Maybe I'm slow. I hear of more people getting 60 day notices of eviction. I hear more seniors no longer able to afford their apartments because landlords keep raising their rents. Google offers to pay apartment complexes 30% over their highest rental rates. 500 families apply for the affordable housing lottery at our city's new housing development. Only 120 families get through to the lottery... for only 9 houses, meaning that hundreds of families in the bay area could afford to buy a house... if the houses were affordable, but most can't compete with the tech wages of double income families. Children are moving back in with mom and dad, bringing their children to live with grandma and grandpa. 

I know this isn't true of other regions, but I'm stuck here in the Bay Area for the time being and it's hard watching the region you love transform into something unrecognizable. It's depressing. I know I'm lucky, but it's hard to appreciate one's good fortune when you see people suffering from the effects of greed. 

I'm in another funk and knitting helps. I'm making a sock. I feel like it's time to learn something new, but I don't have the bandwidth right now. So it's me and the socks for the time being.

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