smurfheadhatLa la lalala la la la lalala la. The Smurfs. You watched them as a kid, or you watched your kids watch the Smurfs when they were kids, or your grand kids are now watching them in the movies. Even if you hate the Smurfs now, you can't help but want to knit something smurfy if the kid in your life is a fan.

Now that there's a Smurfs movie sequal coming out next week we thought now would be as good a time as any to celebrate smurf-related knitting. Seeing as we've done My Little Pony Knitting and Despicable Me knitting it's only fair to extend the same consideration for the Smurfs right? If only Gargamel could find a pair of knitting needles or a crochet hook, he wouldn't be such a grumpy gus, huh?

The Hipster Smurf Hat by Calley O'Neill

A slouch hat for smurf fans who don't want to let everyone know that they're smurf fans.

Papa Smurf Doll by Sonja Petersson-Larsson

I think every kid wishes that they had a real life Papa Smurf in their lives. You could use this crocheted one as a puppet and work those issues out.

Smurfette Doll by Ann Vozika

It always seemed unfair that there was only one lady smurf in smurfland and if you weren't blond and hot you really couldn't relate to Smurfette, but you can still have fun playing with a Smurfette doll (you can even customize her hair to look more like your kid's)

The Actual Smurf Hat (wear a smurf on your head) by Jeni Icanknitanything

Does your kid want to be a smurf for Halloween? Knit them a smurf head hat and your halfway done with the costume!

Smurf Sweaters

Believe if or not, back in the day you could knit yourself a 1990's-tastic smurf sweater. Find a way to track down the original patterns, or try to make one up yourself -here's the inspiration.

Are you a fan of the Smurfs? Have you knit something Smurf related and you'd like to share it? Let us know in the comments.

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