I spent a fair amount of time the other day surfing Ravelry in search of a new cardigan to knit. However I got it into my head that I wanted to knit with Cascade Luna a 100% cotton sport weight yarn and I couldn't find anything that screamed knit-me. Knit-me. That's something that should be on a candy heart somewhere. Instead I went succulent shopping and redid one of the pots I had. It was a quick and satisfying project. Something nice to return to on the balcony when I'm reaching my limit with child-rearing in the late afternoon. I head out there just as the sun stops glaring so that I don't have to squint to see the plants.

I like looking over my little succulent garden and as my mind calms I'm able to see little holes in each arrangement that another plant in my collection can fill. I fiddle with little outgrowths of hens and chicks and cluster them around a sad sea-reef inspired pot that needs a little more love. I'm afraid that I might become as obsessed with succulents as I was about knitting. It takes some will power not to buy all of the succulent books I can get my hands on, instead satisfying my curiosity with library books, websites and the plants themselves. 

I haven't been knitting much in the past week. Too many summer activities. Methinks that this is going to be a recurring theme this summer. Another thing that I'm trying to work out is going back to school. I need to get a job soonish and my experience needs freshening up. I've been a SAHM mom and blogger for the last four years and somehow I'm not so certain that those credentials can get me a job that doesn't involve retail and or minimum wage. In my pre-mom life I was a customer service rep and a fledgling project manager. I'd like to do more of the project management stuff, but it's going to cost me 5K to take classes and get a certification. I suppose it will all get worked out. Fingers crossed.


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