The Dahlia cardigan has turned into the best cardigan I've ever knitted. I'm a knitting show off when I wear it even though I'm probably the only one who knows that I knit it. 

Previous cardigans that I have completed have never fit nearly as well. My first cardigan, which was a wrap cardigan no longer fits my post-childbearing body. It's way too tight now and was too tight then, but I don't have the heart to let it go, especially since it kept me warm the winter I worked in a chilly yarn warehouse. The Central Park Hoodie has a hole or two, which makes me mad because I felt that the yarn I used was indestructible. The Shakespeare Cardigan I made last year doesn't fit quite right. The shoulders are a little too wide and the waist doesn't fall in the best spot. I still wear it knowing it doesn't look the best, but hey at least it doesn't have any holes. You would think that discovering the temporary nature of handknits would deter me from knitting and it did for a while, but wearing the Dahlia Cardigan makes up for all of that. 

Did I mention that one of my best friends gave me a purple mug to match the sweater? Yeah. she's a knitter. She knows. That's how great this cardigan is.

The question is how do I top it?

I do have a couple of projects on the needles, or should I say a couple of knitting projects that have been hibernating that need to be brought back to life. The Maile Baby Sweater, the Summer Pullover, The Textured Shawl. The shawl has been brought out of hiding, but it's at that point where it takes an entire evening to knit a single row. Considering that I did just discover a bunch of holes in the first laceweight shawl that I ever knit I better pick up the pace on the new shawl.

Yeah. I have been knitting so long that some of my finished objects have developed holes, which is heartbreaking, especially since the above-mentioned shawl took more than a year to knit and saw me through a bad relationship, the break up of said bad relationship and the healing through that relationship and then the growth of the new relationship. Seeing this shawl begin to disintegrate pokes little holes into my very heart. However my mother in law has shown me that some of the best pieces of art are the ones that are a little worn around the edges. They are the well-loved pieces that require a bit of reinvention. I'm excited to find ways to bring these damaged knitted pieces of love back to life. Maybe some creative patches? Or fixing the holes with a contrasting yarn or ha ha even maybe a small knitted moth.

Sometimes you just have to have a sense of humor about these things. Knitting especially.

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