You can already feel the bittersweetness in the air. We're less than a month away from the official turning of the seasons to autumn, but you can feel the changes coming as early as mid August in the Bay Area. It's still warm summer weather, but the evenings get chilly early and already our oak trees are starting to turn yellow. Something new for this year is that I have fully completed a new cardigan well ahead of the changing of the seasons. My 2015 fall sweater is finished, ready to wear with leggings and knee-high boots the moment rainy weather appears on the horizon. 

The Redfern Cardigan:

My Redfern Cardigan:


I really want to show a picture of myself wearing it, but whenever I take a picture of that you can't really see the cardigan. It's a dark color and it just looks like a blob of dark on me. Hopefully I'll be able to get someone to take a picture of it for me soon.


I also have to get a new camera phone because this one's not cutting it anymore. Sigh. Anyhoo this is my favorite knitted project in all of the 11 years that I've been knitting. It fits the best for my shape, I love the yarn. It's perfectly soft, but it doesn't itch or overheat me. I would knit this cardigan again because I know that the outcome looks so great and it was fun to knit. I would recommend this for the intermediate and experienced knitter, or the knitter who wants to take one something a little more challenging, but well written and easily worn. 

I couldn't wait to start knitting another sweater so I've already caston something new:


I love a good vneck and it just so happens that I had the right yarn and even the needles to pull it off. I was even able to get gauge after only two swatches. This is my first time knitting a sweater on such a fine gauge of yarn. I hope it doesn't take me an entire year to knit because I have other cardigans that I want to begin and have finished in time for fall next year. ;) Erika Knight is one of my favorite knitting designers and it's nice to finally knit something from the Classic Knits book that's been in my stash for many years.


Ready or not, here comes fall! What are you knitting?

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