In the latest saga of the Interchangeable Knitting Needle Guide we're going to take a look at some of the Interchangeable Knitting Needle sets that we didn't mention in part two from Dyak Craft, Tulip (Caron), KA and Lantern Moon. There was a little oversight on our parts, but not anymore! Here's each set and what they include and what's the big deal with each of them:

darnprettyneedlesDyak Craft

Keep hearing about those Darn Pretty interchangeable knitting needles? Yeah, so do we, but what we mostly hear is that there's a 6 month wait to get them and any of their wood needles. There's a good reason for that. These are some of the few knitting needles made in the USA, handmade in Vermont. That and the needles come in mad awesome colors. Those Dyak craft people are smart because they know that one of the things that draws knitters is color, so their needles are available in some of the most vibrant colors in the market.

For $140 You get:

  • Sizes 4 - 10.5 Needles in either 3.5 or 5" tips, with the choice of lace tips.
  • 4 cables including (2) 16", (1) 21", (1) 29" (shorter cables come with the shorter tips)
  • A custom-made, signed and numbered cloth needle case
  • The comfort of knowing you have an American handmade knitting needle set custom made for you.

Tulip/Caron C




The Tulip Interchangeables are Caron's foray into interchangeable knitting needles and they aren't cheap at $179.00. The unique part of this set is that it goes down to size 3 and includes needles 10.5. They also come with three cables, 16", 24" and 32" with a connector to make super long cables if you like.

Here's what the set includes:

  • 11 Needle tips
  • 3 cables
  • cable connector
  • tapestry needles
  • thread cutter


If you're looking for the most extensive collection of cables to come in an interchangeable knitting needle set, then you might want to check out KA's bamboo set. You get sizes 5 through 15 with 16", 24", 29", 36" and 51". The last two largest cable sizes won't work for sizes 5,6,7 and 8 (at least that's how I understand it). You can purchase extra needle tips (including size 4's) and cables. And that's just the original regular set for $119. KA also produces an expanded set that goes all the way down to size 2. I would like to try these size 2's because none of the major companies have been able to achieve a smaller than size 3 without a sticky needle join. The expanded set is around $159.00. Both sets come with cloth needle organizers.

lanternmooninterchangeable Lantern Moon

Lantern Moon's set is rather expensive at $270.00 for the rosewood and $320.00 for the ebony, but it is a luxury set with its own silk carry case and gold plated needle joins. It would be interesting to find out more about these materials to find out what makes them so great for knitting needles.We'll have to do a more in-depth review, but we can figure out at least what the set includes. The needle case and needles are beautiful with exquisite materials. It's the kind of set that royalty would give as gifts. I would love to find out how they knit.


The Lantern Moon set includes:

  • 10 sizes 4-13
  • 4 cables: 17", 26", 32", and 40"
  • Silk Carry Case

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