Part 6 of the Interchangeable Knitting Needle Guide - Addi Clicks

addibambooboxLast week I went to A Verb For Keeping Warm to meet Cirilia, the Skacel rep. She had all of the Addi Click sets out and ready to try. It was a fantastic opportunity to see the needles in person, test them out and find out what exactly makes them so special. They are some of the most pricey of the interchangeable knitting needle sets. Some people wonder if they are worth the expense when so many sets are available at lower prices. I'll have an answer on that and which Addi set is that one that I prefer by the end of the article.

First off let's look at what Skacel offers in their Interchangeable Knitting Needle Sets:

Addi Click Turbos - $126.95

  • Compact black carrying case
  • (10) tips sizes 4-15 (not including 10.5 and 10.75)
  • (1) each of the 24", 32", 40" cables
  • Needle gauge
  • (1) connector to create either or a stitch holder/cable connector for longer cables

Addi Click Lace Long Tips and Regular Tips - $123.97

  • Compact pink carrying case
  • (10) tips sizes 4-15 (not including 10.5 and 10.75)
  • (1) each of the 24", 32", 40" lifeline cables (the regular set comes with 2 additional lengths including 16" and 20""
  • Needle gauge
  • (1) connector to create either or a stitch holder/cable connector for longer cables

Addi Click Natura Bamboos - $128.97

  • Compact green carrying case
  • (8) tips sizes 4-11 (not including 10.5 and 10.75)
  • (1) each of the 24", 32", 40" cables
  • Needle gauge
  • (1) connector to create either or a stitch holder/cable connector for longer cables


Where are they made?

Made in Germany

What is the customer service policy?

Faulty needles will be replaced through the location where you purchased the needles. Be sure to save your receipt when you purchase them just in case.


What's the Special Sauce that sets them apart?

The joins are unlike any other joins on the market, no extra keys to tighten the ends. The lace cables have special holes to insert a lifeline into your most difficult lace projects.

How they connect to the cables?

What do Kitchenaid Mixers and Addi Clicks have in common? Both have attachments that are are connected with a spring-based system. You insert the needle into the cable, push in to engage the spring and turn so that the internal latches can hook into each other. To take them apart, you just push in to engage the spring, turn and then pull the needle tip away from the cable. Check out the video I did to see how it works:

Testing out the Addi Clicks

I took the opportunity to test out the clicks using the same cotton chenille washcloth that I used to test out the Knitter's Pride and Knit Picks needles. That way I could get a feeling for any differences between the sets. I used the short Addi Click Lace needles and they were pretty cool, but I prefer the longer needle tips. I couldn't really discern a huge difference between knitting with the sets. The stitches flowed easily over the needle joins. The metal warmed up in my hands quickly and were a joy to use.

In Conclusion

I loved knitting with the Addi Click Natura's, the bamboo interchangeable set. There aren't very many bamboo sets available on the market, but I think that if you're going to get any of them, you might as well go for the best. The bamboo tips seemed extra smooth, with no splintering. They were just pointy enough for me, the joins were faultless and I love that you can connect them without the extra key. It is disappointing that the bamboo set comes with fewer needle tips, but all of the Addi's are hand made in a country that takes very good care of its workers, so of course they are going to be more expensive.

In comparison to the Knitter's Pride and Knit Picks it really isn't so big a difference at least in the actual knitting, but if you want to switch needles without a key and you want the lifeline cables for lace knitters the Addis might be the best choice for you. If you have the money, the Addi Clicks are the BMWs of the interchangeable knitting needle world, but you won't suffer for paying less for the Knitter's Pride of Knit Picks Needles.

Coming Next in the Interchangeable Knitting Needle Guide: it turns out that we missed a few manufacturers of interchangeable knitting needles so we're going to update with the missing pieces next week and finally turn our attention to one of the few American manufacturers: Dyakcraft, are the Darn Pretty needles worth the six month wait?


*Note prices are subject to change according to the vendor.


0 #1 Kimberli M 2012-05-26 15:27
I just discovered your blog and am loving reading it! I was a little disappointed that you didn't review the Denise Interchangable like you said you were going to. I started knitting a couple of years ago and almost from the beginning I have used Denise based on a recommendation from my instructor and I love them. However, I have nothing to compare them to and would love to hear how you think they compare to the others on the market.
0 #2 Angela P 2012-05-26 16:59
Hi Kimberli,

Thank you so much for your comment. I'm sorry that you're disappointed that I haven't yet reviewed the Denise interchangeable s. Unfortunately, with the expense of these sets and caring full time for two children under the age of three, I'm not able to review these sets as quickly as I would like. Stay tuned as I will be reviewing them in the coming months. If you know anyone in the bay area willing to lend me a set, I might be able to review them faster. I'm glad that you enjoy knit luck and hope that you will continue reading.

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