There was no finishing of knitting projects during the Olympics. I was lucky enough to make some progress on a single sock, but I'm probably still 2 weeks away from finishing the single sock and probably months away from finishing the pair. I think I'm learning my lesson about knitting complicated socks. For me it's not nearly as satisfying as the boring old vanilla. What I really love about sock knitting is the mindlessness of it. The ribbed cable socks have required more thinking than I prefer to spend. Just moving the yarn to the front and back for ribbing is more work than I'm willing to do. Perhaps I should give in and learn continental knitting as ribbing would go by so much faster that way.

However, to my surprise I am almost finished knitting this sweater in GGH Savannah. I'm halfway through the second sleeve and with any luck I will be able to wash and block the pieces and maybe even seam everything next week. Too bad it's going to be a while before I'll really need to wear a chunky sweater.

Fortunately I'm giving myself a lot of extra credit for this big project:


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