So maybe the mainstream doesn't think of knitting as sexy. Most people still conjure up the image of old grandmas with knitting needles whenever they think of a knitter, but that's not so anymore! Oakland area knitters are producing a knitting pin up calendar, Off the Needles: A Knitting Pinup Calendar (presumably for all of the video game nerds out there -what better partner for a knitter than a video gamer? Both can sit on the couch and enjoy their hobbies together, at least until the knitter converts them into another knitter)

The Gray Lady Artist Collective could use your help. They need to raise $3000 to be able to photograph and print the calendar. Make a donation and you'll be able to receive a calendar. Plus, there's room for 11 ad spaces.

Oakland Local has an interview with Stephanie Whiteside to find out more about the project.

See the project on Kickstarter.

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