Knitting Does Not Happen in Plastic Containers. Free ALL THE YARNS!


A few days ago we explained that knitting should be your new year's resolution, but most of the people who visit Knit Luck are already knitters so whatabout them? Shouldn't we also have new year's resolutions for our knitting so that we can progress in our craft? What are some of the ways you can commit to being a better knitter in 2016?

Knit the Stash

If you're been knitting for more than a few years then you've probably acccumulated more than your fair share of a yarn stash. I've seen some on ravelry that rival the annual wool exports of some small countries. You know when you have more wool than a large sheep farm that perhaps you should be knitting directly from the stash.

January's a great time to spend some quality time in your stash, picking out some yarns to knit for the year. Find five or six lots of yarn and then get ready to take a dive into your knitting book library!

You can even get some stash knitting support from some of these ravelry and reddit knitting groups:

The Pampered Knitter/Crocheter (knit for yourself this year!)

The Cold Sheep Stashdown

Year of Focused Knitting


Knit the Library

For some of us the knitting book library is almost as big as the yarn stash and yet there are new independent knitting patterns and books released every month, so it's easy to end up with more knitting patterns than you can knit in a lifetime. Some of us have to make a commitment (or better yet, a resolution) to knit some patterns from our existing library. Take the yarn that you've dug out of the stash and cuddle up with some of your favorite knitting books. Sometimes you can get a little stuck, unable to find patterns to suit your yarn, which is when Ravelry can be of assistance. 

  • Make sure that all of your knitting patterns are listed in your ravelry library.
  • Do a search for patterns based on the yarns you've gathered from your stash.
  • Filter your patterns based on books and patterns in your library.
  • Now you have a list of potential knitting patterns to bust your stash and use patterns you already have.
  • There's also some ravelry groups to support you in your quest to knit the library stash.


Go Sock Knitting Mad

If there's one kind of yarn that some knitters love to collect it's sock yarn and sock yarn does not turn into socks all by itself. Some people need a little extra motivation to knit through the sock yarn stash so check out this Ravelry group that encourages you to knit one pair of socks for every month of the year. Come next New Year's you'll have warm feet twelve times over.

2016 Stash Stock Challenge

Start a Knitting Blog

Sharing your knitting adventures is a great way to give back to the knitting community. The internet is a giant hive mind of experiential information. Whatever you share about your knitting projects could help a fellow knitter. One of the best ways to do this is to blog about your knitting. Combining that blogging with good record keeping in ravelry and your contributions could help the knitting community and make some new friends. 

It's really easy to start a knitting blog. You can read all about it here.

Try a New Knitting Skill

There are many kinds of knitting, lace knitting, color knitting, cable knitting. You know there's one part of knitting that you have been avoiding and you won't really know whether you truly like it until you try it. Take that knitting skill that is the equivalent of eating your vegetables and give it a good effort. It's good for you and builds character!

If you need a little help, Craftsy has fantastic, cost effective classes available 24/7.

Make 2016 the year you become an even better knitter! Happy new year!

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