Lorna's Laces has unveiled some new colorways meant to appeal to the manly person in your life, or the person who just happens to enjoy wearing cumberbunds, or spats, or waistcoats, or ascots or bowties. Certainly these colors aren't restricted to those of the male persuasion, but naming them for pieces of menswear is quite significant. It recognizes that there is a growing number of men in our ranks and people who want to knit things that appeal to them. What I love most is that the colors are not overtly masculine and would not be out of place in garments for more feminine individuals. Actually, the new colorways are more earthy than anything else.

Waistcoat is a deep oceany teal. Spats features flashes of taupe, violet and white. Pocketsquare shows off rich browns, and navy blues. Cumberband is a persimmony orange. Bowtie features more of that brown with the orange and Ascot is a vibrant 70's green. If anything these colors are meant to inspire those among us who are big Dr Who Fans, because I seem to see this color palette frequently on the show.

The colors were displayed on Lorna's Laces blog this morning under the title "Gentlemen's Fripperie". Go to the Lorna's Laces blog to check them out.

What do you think of the new colorways? Do they inspire you to knit something for anyone? Let me know in the comments.

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