kateatherlybeyondknitandpurlHey all, long time no see. I've been busy working on renters rights so I haven't had so much time to knit, but I did find time to take a look at Kate Atherley's book Beyond Knit and Purl, which has been out for quite a while, but finally got a chance to look at it (thanks to Kate herself) and was blown away from the level of knitting information in the book and its ingenious ways that it's presented. I wish that this book was available when I was a beginning knitter. This book is going to save many newer knitters from making big mistakes.

I liked it so much that I added it to my Best Books for Beginner Knitters page. I know I'm going to get use out of this book because I'm also full of questions when making a knitting pattern. Which cast on is best? Why should I knit this the way that it says in the pattern and other crazy things that run through my mind when I'm knitting something. Now I have a new question: what would Kate Atherley do? I have all of the answers in this book.

Honestly, this being Mother's Day time of year and all, this might be just the book for your knitting mom, even if they already know everything about knitting, they might just learn something new.

Stay tuned for more Knit Luck stuff. I'm hoping to get back into the writing swing of things.

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