pinkiepiehatpatternWho would have known that My Little Pony would make such a huge comeback? The Friendship is Magic cartoon has enchanted little girls and bronies everywhere, creating a sea of new geeks eager to apply their love of the ponies to that other favorite obsession: knitting. It's gotten to the point with all things geeky that if it hasn't been knitted yet, then it's probably not popular enough. Let's check out what kinds of knitting and crochet patterns are available for My Little Pony fans.

Colorful Pony Crocheted Hat Pattern by Kara Murray
Crochet this hat and you have the beginning of a great home-made My Little Pony costume -that will also keep you warm on a cool Halloween night. So easy to make!

Mini Magical Friendship Pony by Joy Gerhardt
One pattern that done with different colors could result in a whole herd of My Little Ponies.

Spark's Pony Pattern by Kai Mayfield
Not MLP exactly, but if you prefer a more natural looking pony, this is the knitting pattern for you.

Pinkie Pie Crocheted Hat by Patricia Stuart
This hat will delight your MLP fan ages 4 to 16, though I'm sure with just a little adjustment that size could go all the way up to age 47 ;)

Rainbow Crocheted Scarf by Ashley Lane
MLP is nothing without rainbows. If your little one is a big Rainbow Dash fan, this is the scarf for them.

Check out Equestria Knitting
There's a knitter out there so obsessed with all things Equestria that she knits MLPs to order.

Craftster MLP Page
Craftser has a whole page of all sorts of My Little Pony Crafts. Necklaces, knitted stuff, crocheted stuff, toys turned into my little pony art. It's all there!

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