I finished the other noro Taiyo hat a few weeks ago and you would think that after two straight hat projects that I would be sick of knitting hats, let alone the same sock yarn hat, but you would be wrong. 


I'm still working my way through all of the amazing yarn my mother in law has brought back from her trips to Austria over the years. She loves to pick up thin sock weight yarn. For whatever reason I just did not want to knit socks with all of this yarn so as soon as I found this sock yarn hat I realized that I was going to be able to do some serious stash busting knitting. So the end of 2015 is all about knitting the heck out of these beautiful single ply sockweight yarns. 

I'm now working on some sort of German yarn. I can't find the label, but it's like a Zauberball, but not. The thin single ply was a pain in the derriere to cast on and the first couple of rounds were pretty iffy. It might be majickstricken, or something like it. Keep in mind that I've made up that name in an attempt to approximate the real name. Allow me to skip out to Ravelry for a moment to see if I can determine the real name. Wait a minute. Found it. It's not German. It's Italian and it's Lana Grosso Magico II

I'm going to be honest with you. I'm not loving this yarn. It's the kind of yarn that looks great on the ball, but is not so great to knit, at least not for me. I prefer yarns that are hardy and stay in one piece. This is a single ply wool which breaks soooooo easily. It's not like the quality is bad, it's just what happens with these kinds of yarns. Some people like a fuzzy effect on their knitting, but I'm not one of those people. The friction between the needles and the hands encourages the yarn to loosen up and get fuzzier as you knit it. Once again, that's what happens with single ply yarns. It's not bad enough that I want to give up knitting this hat. If anything it's spurring me to try to finish this hat ASAP. Oddly enough I have another ball of this yarn in another colorway that is destined for older son so even when I finish this hat it won't be the end of sock hat knitting or single ply yarn knitting. It just so happens that we all need some snuggly hats this year, what with the rain and the chill. It will be worth the work of knitting. It's actually coming out pretty nice.


Speaking of rain we're getting quite a bit of that today, which is exactly what I've wanted for months. Hopefully I will not tire of this rain since we're due to receive a ton of it due to El Nino. What with the drought over the last couple of years I've also experienced a drought of knitting weather. Bring it on.

What's your knitting weather like?

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