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The pledge bios have been coming in. It's not too late to join the pledge to teach knitting to help the economy. Find out why we're doing it here and here. Check out the other pledge bios here.

Suki from sukigirl has signed the pledge. Her blog rocks! Being from Canada she has easier access to cool things like Marie Claire Idees (my favorite French magazine, mon dieu!) and has some sweet crochet patterns as well.

Here's what she has to say about the pledge:

I'm hoping to teach my sister how to crochet. She is my older sister but for some reason doesn't do any crafts (I know, hard to believe). Tomorrow she is flying from Ontario Canada, where we all live, to Austin Texas in order to be with her daughter who is due to give birth to my sister's first grandchild. What a perfect time to learn how to knit or crochet. She plans to stay a month so I unfortunately won't be able to teach her until she comes back. But hopefully by then I will have an eager student.

I've been crocheting for 2 years and love it. My first experience with knitting was last year when a clerk in a yarn store suggested making socks with dpns as a first project. The first sock went well but the second sock almost made me want to never knit again, So I decided to take a beginner's knitting class and I feel excited and much more confident in my understanding of the craft. When I finish piecing together my homework (a sampler pillow which started with garter stitch and finished with cables and lace) I'll go back and tackle that second sock and stare down the enemy. I already have a long queue of knitting projects I want to do after that.


You can sign the pledge too! Oh and by the way pledge joiners, I know I still owe you a pledge giveaway of yarn. I know what yarn I'm giving away. I just need to photograph it and pick a winner.

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