Be careful what you wish for. 

A few months ago I started a Facebook Group for renters in my town. There's a serious housing shortage where I live and there's nothing stopping landlords from raising rents as high or as often as they like. To my total surprise, people have been joining this group and turning up at our meetings! It's kind of a heavy thing, hearing the stories from these people, hearing of families having to sqeeze four people in a one bedroom unit and still not being able to afford the rents as they rise every year. The only thing we have to fight against it is a non-legally binding mediation board. When I started I thought I might be able to provide some emotional support to renters in crisis, now it's looking like we're starting a movement to organize the renters in our town to fight for increased renters rights. Sometimes the whole thing keeps me awake at night, knowing that I'm leading people somewhere to do something. It's a little overwhelming, but as our group gets stronger I feel more supported. 

As such, it's surprising that I've been able to find any time to knit at all, but it's soothed me when I'm feeling at my most anxious. 

The chevron blanket's worked out very well for me. The pattern was easy to memorize and I knit quickly to move on to each new color because I'm not sure how the color will look with the rest until I star knitting with it. I can't decide if this blanket is meant for my bedroom or if it's meant for somebody's baby on the way. I guess I won't know until I'm finished. Kind of like this renters group. In many ways I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing, but the growth of our membership, and seeing who appears and how they contribute shows me the next step to take. I won't know where this party leads until it's over. 


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