Knitty Deep Fall 2010 gets the giant-big-super-awesome-thumbs-up from me, because they read my mind.

That, and the patterns rock.

I have been searching high and low for a FREE worsted weight vest pattern and hadn't been able to find anything to suit. Then I finally get a moment to visit the latest knitty, and there it is. The perfect vest project, which I will be casting on tomorrow.

Witness: Humphrey designed by Astrid Kauffman:


The only downside is that the whole vest is in broken rib, which means it will take me forever to knit, with all the knit/purl, knit/purl. Maybe this is an opportunity for me to learn continental?

Lots of Great Sweaters


I love Mothed by Mags Kandis because it looks simple to knit, but I would have to alter it to make it a bit longer. I like the type of yarn used and the casual look. That said it does look more summer than fall, at least in my book.


Cadence by Jordana Paige is my favorite kind of sweater, a simple sillouhette with one motif. I love the neckline, though I wish the yarn used was a little less chunky.

Vines, by Lori Versaci is classic and gorgeous.


Lia by Mandi Harrington is another winner, similar to Cadence. The benefit to these projects with chunky yarns is that they knit up quickly. If you start them now, you'll have holiday gifts in no time.

The accessories are just as impressive as this issue's sweaters.

knittydeepfall2010eleanoreEleanor is on my must-knit list.
Rodekool is pretty cute.
Spry is a good way to use up that endless sock yarn stash.
The Brambles Hat is gorgeous, but the idea of knitting it makes my head spin.
The Rebecca Hat is also quite exquisite the finished effect is worth the hard work of knitting cables in the round (I hate how long it takes)

Over all, this is a pattern rich issue, full of new classics. Patterns that continue knitty's tradition of innovation from previously unknown designers.

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