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The Knitting Pledge is still in effect and I'm still planning to train teach my boyfriend how to knit. Steffany of Spun Sugar Knits also signed the pledge and here's what she had to say about joining the knitting pledge.

I wanted to join the pledge because I only really got into knitting a few months ago and I absolutely love it. I love learning new techniques and discovering new things to make. I feel so accomplished once I've finished a project. It has also given me something to do with my hands that is creative and fun, and I love that you can make so many different things for a variety of different price ranges. I just discovered acrylic and bamboo yarns, which are overall much less expensive than wool. I made my boyfriend a pair of slippers for $3.50. That is awesome.

I initially leaned how to knit when I was eight. My grandmother taught me with a pair of size eight bamboo needles and bright red acrylic yarn, both of which I still have! I made a single, small scarf for one of my dolls and decided that knitting was boring. I didn't pick up another pair of needles for fifteen years. Then a few months ago, I just randomly decided to start again. I found a yarn store and some tutorials online, and that was that. I'm totally hooked now!

I'm going to teach two of my friends, Nisi and Lauren. We're going to have a knit night party with snacks and drinks this coming Wednesday, and I will impart my knitting knowledge.
I think knitting is fabulous. I've met a bunch of amazing people and learned so much just by deciding to take up this single craft. I even started a mini-business selling knitted items online. I just can't recommend it enough. I'm still amazed that I can take a ball of yarn and turn it into stuff. Pretty amazing!


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