I love my knitting group.


It's a very small knitting group, just myself and two friends. We've been knitting together now for three years whenever we can get together. We were all mommies who knit. Our kids are good buddies and all attend the same school. We all even attend the same cooperative preschool. It is a luxury to be able to knit with two other people who know me so well. As much as I miss having a yarn-store based knit night I love my little knitting group. 

There's something special about the bond of knitters. I don't know if it's a shared mindset, an understanding about the joys of knitting, or if we just all know what makes each of us laugh, or if they're just great listeners, but I am much happier when we regularly get together and knit than when we don't. It's a bummer that one of our knitters moved across the bay, otherwise we would be a group of 4 knitters, but we should try to make that happen. These goofy school schedules make it hard to do outings outside of our town, partially because traffic is so terrible that getting around the bay is difficult to do trips that allow you to get anywhere in a timely manner. You can't risk anything when it comes to being on time to pick up your child.


So soon we're going to have more time to knit. Within the next two years all of our kids will be in elementary school. I'm drooling over the possibilities. What to do what to do? Of course I'm going to work on the blog,  there might be more knitting but there's possibilities to do something a little more abstract and artistic. Maybe I'll take a creative writing class, or an art class. Or I could do something entirely practical and get some sort of web development certificate so I can make more money. 


But for now I'm pretty happy with knitting, friends and tea (and I guess coffee for me).

On another note I'm still knitting the Erika Knight Vneck Sweater.


and I found my new favorite t-shirt:


2016 is looking good. More knitting soon. KL

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